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Let’s score a goal

Author | Creative direction | Visual communication

Non-commercial social project “Let’s score a goal” was created to show and solve the problem of empty football stadiums in Vilnius. Here in the capital of Lithuania, all public full size football stadiums are abandoned. For this reason, kids do not hear that beautiful sound when a goal is scored and the ball hits the net.

The aim of hanging nets on football goalposts was to make football more accessible to everyone. Hanging nets in two Vilnius stadiums made an immediate impact, as more and more kids started to come with their parents, shoot the ball and enjoy football.

Everyone deserves to know the sound of a goal, right?

Social project slogan "Exchange social networks for shooting to football net"

Lithuania national football team coach E. Jankauskas shares his feeling about sound of the goal.

Moments from hanging nets on football goals. | I.Markūnaitė photos

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